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Jason, you mean a 50mm (or 65mm)? They can be found quite reasonably, cheaper than the 140 Macro it seems. Good luck in finding one! Also, just for fun, I posted here on how the 50 actually makes a very good Macro lens for certain types of subjects :-)

The 65mm is optically better than the 50mm, but the 50mm is a lot of fun due to the very much wider angle of view (the difference is substantial).

To be honest, I don't know the lens line up nearly enough. I knew it was "50 something". I have the normal 90mm and the 180mm, both C lens. I use the 90mm almost all of the time. I am not normally into landscapes, but this camera and the way it forces me to use it, screams landscape! Also doing still lifes indoors of old buildings. It became very clear to me that I needed a wider lens. The 65mm may fit the bill. I am really not sure what will be best for me.