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Apparently I was wrong, except the part about a self respecting engineer....
From your picture, it would appear that you have one hell of a nice enlarger, albeit one designed with 5"x7" negatives in mind, not 6x6.

My advice would be to remove the 80mm lens, bend some 12 gauge copper wire in a forked loop that bends out of the way of the light path, slip the forks into the grooves on the aperture ring, and then tape the hell out of it. Then remount the lens.
Thanks for the suggestions! I have lots of great suggestions and ideas to play with now.

I will have to agree with you about the engineer part, but I have a very strong suspicion that the board is partly home made, and not an original recessed IFF board. The previous owner is a hobby mechanic, and it's quite possible that he made the board himself out of bit and pieces he had available. But he could at least avoided making it so deep.