Hello all,

So I am starting to use my Mamiya m645 camera, which obviously makes 645 negatives.

I have an Omega C760 enlarger that has a diffuser head, a 6x7 mixing chamber, and a 6x7 negative carrier. I also have a pretty cheap easel, a vivitar 50mm vivitar 75mm enlarging lens, and an Omega enlarging timer that is very very touchy (a very miniscule movement in the knob could mean 2 seconds or 0.5 seconds)

I have noticed parts for this enlarger are extremely expensive. I know that I need a 645 negative carrier, but they're over $70.

I'll probably make a negative carrier out of cardboard or something similar. Is that OK? I realize this isn't ideal, but it's better than using a 6x7 carrier that won't allow me to have white borders.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced timer and easel? The easel I have is some old two-arm one that is hard to adjust properly (I always get uneven edges), and the timer is frustratingly difficult to use. I think it is so because it was meant to be used with a meter, but I don't have one.