At least the five Kodachrome rolls shot in July with my two now-stolen cameras arrived in the mail from Dwayne's while I was away, and they look great. Alas, one of those cameras was a yard sale find in early July — an Asahi H-2 with a 50mm f/1.4 SMC — and now that too is gone forever. They turned out stunningly well. So now back in Toronto, I'm still furious. I might stalk that Starbucks and wait to see it happen again to someone else so I can go after the pickpocketing bastards and beat them with my U-lock into a citizen's arrest submission. Then I can hand them over to the SPVM and tell them that I did their job that they don't care to do themselves, tabarnac.

This sub-topic request is about photog stuff spatially happening in Montréal/Québec. The point of a geographic forum is to attend to matters of relevance to photogs in this space, irrespective of language. I don't think it makes sense to be talking about things at JJ Lozeau or talk of a new film processing lab on rue Jarry or sslt in a Toronto forum. And no, there is, to my knowledge, no new lab on Jarry, but either way, an Ontarian/Torontian isn't likely going to give a damn about it.

Michel, I saw and contributed to the social group, but the usability for the social groups are designed differently from forums and are wholly separated in hierarchy. Consequently, the social groups tend to get less traffic overall.

Eventually, I'll be less cranky. But I lost three Kodachrome rolls that were awaiting processing, and I can't really re-create those ever again. The least the bastards can do is anonymously drop them off at the hotel where I was staying — they'd know where that would be, given the bag's contents.

/me is still venting