That timer is the same one we use in our darkrooms at school. I didn't know GraLab made those. I assume there will be no problem using it with my Omega enlarger, that uses halogen bulbs?

The film IS the same size, that isn't the problem. I normally don't crop my photographs, and I like to have the white borders when I feel they are necessary, which is why I would like to have a 645 carrier. In the meantime I'll use the back of a legal notepad. I only wish I could find a 645 carrier for $10 on eBay!

Are the lenses I have good enough? They've always seemed sharp to me, but then again I don't have anything to compare them to. At school we use El-Nikkors and I honestly can't tell a difference in a negative produced by the El-Nikkor and my lowly Vivitar, both 50mm versions. I haven't used my Vivitar 75mm lens yet, so it may be wretched.