Thanks for the input guys..good stuff

Jeremy - have a couple of old wood 5x7 holders, though one is not usable, had considered that, wanted to hear what others had found. Thanks for the suggestions on the lens at mpex.

Mark - 15 for $40!! Man now that's a good deal, with 10 working holders..that would hold me for a while.

John - thanks for the idea about the adapter, the Kodak D1 uses a 4 1/4 board, and the Crown of course is 3 but maybe with little work I could make something - like that idea a lot. Schneider lens..would love a good lens like one of those. Not sure what the classic models are..need to do a search, the check the specs to see what coverage they have.

Anyway..thanks all for the good wishes and advice. Now to get this puppy rigged to go and burn some film.