I am thinking of retiring my Mamiya 6. It has developed a disturbing tendency with the 50mm attached the shutter begins to fail and the batteries drain after about 5 or six exposures. Although, this is probably an electrical issue with the lens, I am on my 3rd body and I suspect repairs will become harder and more costly as time goes on. I love the square, the quality of the lenses, the weight and feel of the 6, but have always wanted something wider. The Mamiya 7 would be the heir apparent, by virtue of the 43mm and similar ergonomics. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of 6x7 -- it lacks all the drama of 6x8/6x9(2x3) or even 6x12 rectangle and none of the formality of a square.

I shoot 60 to 70% of my MF work handheld, 10 to 15% in studio and the remainder on tripod in the field (or in my case the streets) and in studio.

If I am to spend the money required to replace the Mamiya 6 (body and 3 lenses) and I already own some LF lenses (SA f/5,6 58XL, Nikor 75mm SW) are there MF kits out there that are handholdable, that as a bonus might take my LF lenses.

Are there any APUGers out there shooting an Alps, Technorama or similar hand held? Are there options that I am missing -- isn't there a camera called a Sylvestia(sp?) that is similar but cheaper than an Alps?