Hey David,
I have an old Aero Ektar. The thing is HEAVY. Weighs more than the camera. There is no shutter but you can probably rig up something. The rear element is about 3" wide. I use it on an old speed graphic with the focal plane shutter. It is razor sharp with no fall off wide open.......BUT you also get about 6mm DOF. I think it was designed for use at infinity focus, at night with IR film. DOF would not be real a problem from 20000 ft up. If you stop down to f16 which is as low as it goes you get better DOF.
My suggestion would be buy an old speed/crown graphic with a calibrated rangfinder and use whatever lens its calibrated to. I have shot some photos using only the rangfinder for focusing and it works great and is surprisingly fast for large format. The optar is a nice sharp lens. I even like using it with chroms, it kind of gives that vintage look.