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Interesting test. Thanks for posting. Given the spectral response curve for Ektar 100, the green or cyan shift we've both noticed in long exposures, and the relative brightness of the North American Nebula, Pelican Nebula, and emission nebulae around gamma Cygni, I'd say it looks like the red response is failing more rapidly than the blue and green.

For f:2.8 and 30 minutes, it doesn't appear that Ektar 100 is an outstanding candidate for astrophotography. Usable, I guess, but not with the best of astrophotography films over the years.

Agreed, it is not the best, but useable at fast f-ratios. I normally shoot medium format at f/4 and 5.6 so this film would not be an option. I won't be stocking it next to my E200, E100S, and Centuria 400.

Next on the chopping block, Acros 100.........