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I would like something sharp. Most of the portraits I would take would probably be head shots and from the midsection up. Although I could use the soft focus on the 150mm I really need a lens to be sharp at all stops for closeup work such as still life objects and non macro detail work such as tree bark etc. I wish one could use the 150 without the soft focus disks while still maintaining sharpness but that is not the case. One of my main subjects is cemeteries and I need to isolate headstones and monuments from cluttered backgrounds while maintaining maximum sharpness.
1.) I don't find the 150SF that soft when used without the disks. Not the sharpest lens in the collection, but not bad. But...

2.) There are two lens on either side that are incredibly cheap and will do what you need them to do. The 127 and the 180 are both very sharp and will work with whatever your needs are withing the cemetery world.

tim in san jose