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In terms of art and design movements I thought of Bauhaus but not sure the images you describe fit that criteria. Anyway, the following might give you a few names to investigate further.
Thank you Tony. I had completely lost track of László Moholy-Nagy and your reference relocated him. That was a name I just couldn't remember.
I didn't find anything there that would trigger a "yes, that's it". I could be way off as far as origin, also. This may is have been Hollywood thing from the 20's. But, I thought I saw at least one book for a german photographer doing this type of work in the 20's. Just wait, in the end I'll be incorrect on every account.

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I'm fairly familiar with Pictorial photography. I don't think it fits that style. Soft focus is probably not a foremost characteristic. I found a photo on the web by Steichen.


It's similar in some ways. The clothing, hair style. Not exactly what/who I'm after. Does this genre of photography have a name or specific time period?