I find Kodachrome 64 quite good and not over saturated, but usually use Velvia. I agree, use the 50mm, not the zoom. You may need some close up tubes to get in close enough (a macro would be better still). I have four photofloods on the copystand for light and use a tungsten correction filter, rather than tungsten balanced film. Find your lens' optimum aperture, probably f8 and set the shutter speed to get it. Remember that at copying range, the edge of a sheet of paper will be significantly further away than the middle, so you will need plenty of depth of field anyway. I meter off a Kodak grey card with the camera's TTL meter, rather then using an incident meter but, otherwise, remember that the close up tubes will need an exposure compensation to allow for the extra front element to film distance (TTL meters compensate automatically). If you are focusing really close, this can make quite a big difference. If you are copying a lot of pictures of different sizes, and filling the frame with each, you should thus re-meter for each shot. If everything is the same size, one reading should work for all unless you want to deliberately lighten or dark individual images.