hey all,

another brief question:

Astia or E100G? I've come to like them both, and with the Samy's e-6 mail order processing, I've got a reason to shoot 4x5 and 120 chromes again , thank God!

I've been shooting mostly color neg(160nc, I adore the color palette from this film!) up until now, just because I can print it at school in the color lab (PCC in Pasadena). I have the itch to shoot transparencies .

Now I've come to a dilemna: I like both, and I don't like either for one reason or another for each.

The ektachrome doesn't have very good reciprocity times from what I've read( especially for longer shots, ex: architectural at night), and is a little cooler at times when I'd like a warmer transparency.

The astia is nice as a regular slide film, and is a bit cheaper. Sometimes its too warm, and most of the time its fine.

Since I'll be starting school (if they'll take me that is ) at Art Center hopefully within a year if I can get this gen. ed out of the way, here in Pasadena. I'm a photo major btw.

So, basically, my questions are this:

1. Grain, which is the finer, best for scanning(I know, hybridphoto.com)
2. Best for all-around. I really like EPN, and have a box left, but I'm using that for special projects, hence, it lives in the freezer.
3. Longevity of availability: will Kodak or Fuji pull the plug on either of these within the next 5 years? What do you think?
4. I shoot a mixture of people shots (mostly close-up portraits, similar to the ones by Marting Schoeller, google him, he has really cool work). I also really enjoy architectural photography when I can get access to cool places. Since so many places are closed to tripod use these days, it makes it hard.
5. Do you have anything to add that you think I might have missed?

opinions would be appreciated. I'm sick of shooting the same scene on both films at the same time in different backs, and I want some real world tests .