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Nice shot.:o Are the blacks black on the print they look blue on my screen?

Yep, the print doesn't exhibit the color cast in the shadows that the scan does except in the area between her right hand and body (had blue and purple gels at work, so there will be some color mixing).

I tried to color balance the shadow casts out in Photoslop to better match the print, but then the skin tones would go too yellow. I could probably get it out using selective color and other disco wizardry, but I just don't see the need. It's not too bad on my machine. Besides, the only people that would notice that or the fact that the outfit could use some ironing would be photogs.

With softness, artifacts, color casts etc. scanning just sux. The skin is actually a bit less yellow in the print and the overall contrast is lower. I had to boost the contrast a bit from the scan to help reduce some of that blue shadow cast in the scan.