Hi Jim,

I have used the kit, I may even have most of the kit left in my darkroom. (I'm in Florida right now, so I can't go down stairs and check. I'll be back next week.) My experience with the kit was not good. It worked, but was very finicky. Like Kerik said, I ended up tossing more plates than I kept. The aluminum plates from the kit are nice, however, because they are thinner than most trophy aluminum available elsewhere. They work well for wet plates.

Wet plate (at least the basics) is not terribly difficult once you have seen it done and you get the chemistry down. If you want to drive 60 miles east on I-80, I'll be glad to spend an afternoon mixing chems and experimenting with you. You drive by Atlantic on your way to Des Moines for work don't you? I'm just 6 miles south of the interstate. I took a workshop in Chicago a few years ago that got me started on wet plate. I haven't done a lot of it, mainly because I have been busy with other processes. Now might be a good time to get back into it. I could get you started in wet plate and then you could take Coffer's workshop (or one from Kerik--he holds great workshops) next summer. I also have Coffer's book and DVD if you want to peruse them.

Do you still have my phone number? If not, PM me and I'll send it to you.