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Astia or E100g ????
(psst...According to Kodak literature, E100G was designed for that hybrid photo thingy in mind too so, it doesn't get much better than this).

i never knew that! i've enjoyed the hybrid process so far(scanning wet mount on a friends Epson V750), and I've been getting 8x10 and 11x14 prints(glossy CA) done at Costco. So far, so good! I had a lab tech at Costco ask me if I was a pro, I said "not yet" . he had seen Martin Schoeller's work, as his g/f is really into photography, and he saw his portraits at a gallery in Santa Monica.

I've got almost all my friends from high school shot, along with a few teachers I've tracked down. I just need access to a studio again, and get everyone left on the list available for the same day, etc.

photography is more like herding cats . I've found that even though someone promises you that they'll be there, sleeping in can sometimes undo one's plans quite quickly .

thanks everyone for the tips, if anyone else has something to add, please do!