Instead of doing it the way that was posted, I am thinking of:

4 g metol
40 g sodium sulfite
40g sodium carbonate
water to 1 L make a stock solution that is then diluted 1:7 to make a working solution. It would be easier for me when doing multiple batches the same night (primarily sheet film developed individually in a tray).

This developer working solution seems to have similar chemical concentrations as would D-23 1:15, with the addition of just as much sodium carbonate as there is sodium sulfite.

What I mean is:

D-23 1:15 contains approx. 0.5 g metol, and approx 6 g sodium sulfite per liter (0.47 g and 6.25 g respectively, to be exact).

This formula contains 0.5 g metol, 5 g sodium sulfite, and 5 g sodium carbonate per liter.

So, it is basically a highly dilute D-23 with added sodium carbonate.

Is that added carbonate just serving the function of making the highly dilute D-23 more active?

Any idea of what the pH "should" be, Ian?