Hey! The party grows by leaps and bounds! I haven't planned a big meal because I didn't want to hang around the cottage this time - it's WAY too easy to get caught up talking and drinking beer - and never really get any shooting done. How about we light a grill sometime in the afternoon over at Harkness? There are lots available and plenty of room to spread out around the mansion and the grounds. I'll get some chicken and some sausages and make a mac salad. I can also have a cooler of beer and soda (wine?) Other folks can bring what they want - or buy what they want on the way over to the park. It's not far.

If we meet at the cottage we can carpool to Harkness. If you come there in your own car expect a $10 parking fee for the day. I want to get out with whomever is around fairly early (Gene, at least, as he and Eileen are coming on Friday, but it sounds like a few more may be doing the breakfast thing). I will leave a note if we are not there when you arrive. I would then expect to come back to the cottage, gather the late-coming crowds and head to the park. Some may choose to go to the local beach, as there is no swimming allowed at the park. Membership tags will be available at the house.

Of course, we may all end up hanging around as usual... it's not that bad. The grill at the house can be pressed into service as well. This crowd does like to talk. Swap/give away table will be at the house. All who come must have their portrait taken - in groups and/or alone. Funky lens, bad photographer... don't expect much.