To me, Astia looks more like a C41 film that just happens to make slides. As such, it really doesn't have that typical 'pop' of chrome. Then again, exposure latitude is better than other slide films, E100G included. So if you like slides for the sake of projection, scanning, Ilfochrome, or just viewing on a light table, but also like the look and advantages of C41, then Astia is a good choice. E100G, on the other hand, is a better choice if you truly want a chrome look. It is MUCH more saturated than Astia. But, much like Kodachrome, saturation is there but not over the top (like, say, Velvia or E100VS). Generally speaking, Astia is better for traditional C41 uses while E100G is better for traditional chrome uses. But ultimately, you have to experiment and see for yourself.