Recently, my grandparents were cleaning out one of their many (junk filled) closets. In one of them, was a Kodak Retina IIa that my grandfather bought while in Germany in 1946.
I believe it is 35mm. It has an original leather case, the camera itself is in great condition. it comes with a grab-bag of different filters and stepup rings. It also has a camera mounted flash on it. I don't think it attaches to a hotshoe, it doesn't look like a coldshoe either. The flash itself is a long cylindrical flash with the flash on one side of it. The flashbulbs are blue.

He wanted to keep the camera and accessories, but asked me if I could do a little more research on it.
A couple questions came to mind while looking at the camera.

1. Would something like this be worth much?
2. Does anybody know what quality of pictures this takes?

The lens and camera body are in great condition.
Any information on this neat find, would be helpful! Thank you!