I cannot find an expiration date on the Ilfochrome chemistry kits; do they have one printed somewhere?

I have a few old kits (P30). I have had them for 2 years but I have no way of knowing how long they sat on the store shelf. I mixed from an unopened kit and the paper came out black/magenta, no image at all.
I am stumped because I've done quite a bit of Ilfochrome printing in the past, but I must be doing something wrong.
1 - The emulsion was facing up for the exposure
2 - I exposed tests at 20, 30, 40, 60 seconds at f/8
3- I inserted the paper (fresh box) emulsion down in the Durst Printo
4 - The chemistry in the tanks is in the order of: Developer, Bleach, Fixer

I suspect I am doing something wrong with the processor (first time using the Printo instead of the CAP40) but I went through and checked all the steps.

I'm stumped. I have a new chemistry kit which I will try tomorrow; I sure hate to waste the older kits...