I was going to wait until I get my web site running to have a detailed description of my darkroom, but here are some quite digi snapshots a friend of mine took. (I am planning to do a "proper" film shoot)

Photo 1 : My Kaiser 6x7 multigrade enlarger and I.
Photo 2 : The "workbench", the Air Conditioner, my handmade drying cabinet
Photo 3 : The chemicals, film tanks and accessories shelves, the enlarger again and my old 2 blade 20x25 frame. Now I have a nice 30x40 4 blade one not seen in any picture.
Photo 4 : The darkroom from the outside, at the roof of the house. Maybe you can spot the ventilation pipes next to the door.
Photo 5 : The wet side with 20x25 trays, water, hanging cords, a big clock, an african mask and framed my very first printed photo (it slipped with the humidity)