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I'm only an amateur, but for me the C220 represented the best value. It's built as heavily as the C330, but has fewer 'features'. This may sound counter-intuitive, but fewer features is better for me because it means fewer potential problems. I wanted the quality of the C330s without the gadgets; I only use it for landscapes and portraits, so I don't need the speed of the C330. The C220 was considerably less expensive too.

Just my $0.02.

I'll agree with Kent. I too own and use a C330f. I hardly need the shutter cocking features as they are not available on my 150 nor 250mm lenses anyway. The front shutter realease is nice but unnecessary. Sometimes I wish My C330 had a knob for winding but not often. One feature I miss on all the TLRs is the old fashioned red or green window for indexing film. Just me, I'm sure.