We are going to have another NE Ohio Apug gathering September 4,5 & 6th, partially at the Powers’ house in Bath and partially at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges. Peter Spangenberg has taken me there to shoot a couple of times and Dolly and I have explored there. It is a really exciting place with cliffs and tree roots growing thirty feet down the walls, a bit like Ankor Wat without the temples, heat or airfare.
The last link has many pictures.


We can meet there when ever you can get there, spend Saturday there, come back to our area for dinner and show and tell. If we have enjoyed Saturday we can go back Sunday. If not the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is just two miles away from the house. Anyone wishing to camp here is welcome. If we have enough for the porta potty ($110), the vendor is happy to drop one off. The Hampton Inn, Richfield, OH 44286 is the popular alternative.

We hope to have another gathering late in October to catch the Fall Color. Dates for that will be published in another thread when the Ohio Department of Natural Resources decides when they will schedule the color event.

Boiler plate from previous events to follow.

John, Dolly and the girls