I agree, 800 is high. I got a newer 504 floor model, Dichromat 500w Head & Transtab with universal timer, several lens boards, light boxes, all formats of neg carriers, all in perfect shape for $250 and that was 2 years ago. They are great enlargers. There are a 250w 1 bulb and a 500w 2 bulb color head models. If you get one do make sure it comes with at least one of these: light box, neg carrier, and a lens board. You can get these on the used market but they are not too frequent. You can also find parts at khbphotografix in Toronto and Odyssey in the UK. But plan to pay a premium for them.

If its a floor model make sure you have some space!!! They are huge and stand tall. You need at least an 8ft ceiling.

The best feature to me are the neg and lens stage controls that are in the perfect place!