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Well now that we finally have the event posted and people are starting to respond we can get back to the food channel. Last week we picked about a pint of blackberries. Since then we have had two days of rain and two days when the temperature just touched 90 degrees. Tonight Dolly, the girls and I went back down to the tenting area and picked. We brought a quart of berries back into the house. You know at least that many were eaten on the way. Dolly had made blackberry yogurt ice cream with some of the berries from last week. Today she made a meringue. Tonight they were all blended together.

Yep, too bad Jeff isnít coming.

Sounds yummy. We just finished making a plum ice cream and a muskmelon granita. Not as good as homegrown blackberry ice cream though ...

I think your going to have to mail some of it up here to Michigan!