The Kowa Computar Kyvytars are very hard to find in the US, but maybe they are more easily located where they were made. I don't know. They have been recommended in many posts on this subject.

210mm Schneider Super Angulon,
210 Schneider SSXL,
some 240mm Kowa Graphics,
240mm f/9 Computar
270mm f/9 Computar
Kowa Computar Kyvytar

This is part of a test report written by Gordon Hutchings. Many years ago, Burleigh-Brooks introduced a line of lenses under the name of Computar; the Kowa Lens Company of Japan made them. These lenses were a remarkable value as they were a wide-angle plasmat, excellent quality and quite inexpensive. After Burleigh Brooks folded, the lenses were briefly carried by Kyvyx and were called Kyvytar and then independently offered by Kowa a Kowa Graphic lenses, in both shutter and barrel. These lenses were offered in 150, 210, and 300 mm length and are excellent buys, if you can find them. These lenses are hard to find, especially in 210 mm length. The cell of 150 and 310 mm barrel mounts will screw directly into a Copal # 1 shutter, with no adapters required. Some times the barrel lens will come with thin spacers. The trick is this, for center image use, the more spacers between the rear cell and the shutter the better. For the corners of the image, no spacer is best. This is why, in a shutter mount, we often see one spacer as the best overall compromise. For comparison, the 150 mm Kowa has an image circle of 290 mm or about 1degree inches of movement for a 5 x 7. The 210 mm Kowa has an image circle of 460 mm of about 2 degree inches of movement for the 8 x 10. This is why we love these lenses so much.

Note the 240mm Kowa is not mentioned, possibly because some have much more coverage than others.

John Powers