The Tech would be nice, but the Crowns can be had very cheaply at times. My Crown Graphic came complete with the old OEM case, OEM lens, and two spare lens boards for $CDN 120. It had a worn out lower tripod bushing, that I replaced with a 1/4-20 flange nut from Home Depot for a whole $0.83, and a fair bit of patient fiddling to get the old one out and the new one in.

The nice thing with this rig is it is nice and light to backpack with, with about 6 film holders and a a smattering of bits - light meter, a few filters, notebook, etc. all handily fitting into a day pack. I have built a divider for a small backpack out of foam core board and packing tape to keep things in their place, and avoid too many sharp corners digging into your back when you carry the load.

If I know that only moderate movements are needed, or if I am to do on location portraiture, then I give up on using the range finder, and put a 210mm symmar lens in the camera. It will just close with this lens.

With this lens I ground glass focus. If I am doing portraits I 'string distance focus', by setting focus on the end of a string clipped to the front of the camera base. I have the sitter hold the string to their nose, back up til the string is taught, and know In am in the right focus range. I have a bit of cardboard mask that I have calibrated the size of to slip over the pop up finder to compensate for the narrower filed of view.

Yes, a cammed set of lenses for a field camera would be nice, but my work arounds work for me. I do not yet have the desired 90mm lens. When that comes, the limitations of the Crown might make me move on. Until then, if the situation is knowm I wheel out my cambo monorail, and have movements galore. It is not as portable assembled, buy can be disassembled to fit a backpack, however there is quite a bit of set up and break down for every site you move between.