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Haven't had any 'oops put the hose in the wrong bottle' events and the drum is rinsed and dried after each run. I'll have to check on the replenishing particulars for what I'm doing. I figured I'd run through a couple boxes of paper and a kit of chemical just getting everything down pat before getting into the other details.

A roller transport? Hey man, that's cheatin'. But how in the world are you controlling/battling dust well enough to print 400 in a week?

Dust is enemy #1 for me. Dust never sleeps. It makes me craaaazzy!
Hose the negs off in a seperate room. I do full image test prints (seldom do I use test strips). This way I can make damn sure the neg is clean prior to printing many. I figure 10mins max will get any neg clean which beats the hell out of 1min of spotting. I also shoot at least 2 of everything so if one frame is hopelessly dirty/stained whathaveyou I have a back-up. Mostly I don't have dust issues though -- oops I probably should not have said that.