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Not sure about Kodak RA-4 chemistry, but Tetenal and Photocolor recommend replacing 30% of the used chemistry with fresh, for replenishment with each print.
It does sound like a faint possibility of "carryover" - Bleach-Fix into the Color Developer. How are you washing the prints? I normally wash 6 x 30 seconds in the CPP-2. That should be sufficient to flush out the tank and processor.
I'm rinsing 3 x 30 with 20ml more than required each rinse. Been doing it the same through 2/3 of a box of 50 and it was the first I noticed it. There is a remote possibility the paper got fogged because I was having issues with the cutting board in the dark involving quite a few prints -- time delays at the cutting board and the LEDs were glowing on the color head. The cutting board is about four feet away ninety degrees starboard of the LEDs and even with wrestling the cutting board for ten minutes there was not sufficient illumination for me to see anything. I'm pretty sure my eyes were open at the time -- maybe that's it! :o