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i'm still trying to figure out what "fine art photographs" are. they all seem to be the same to me ..... photographs.

boring landscape photography = fine art?
not so boring landscape photography = fine art?
photography that mimics some "master's" style = fine art?
portrait photography = fine art?
nudes = fine art?
architectural photography = fine art?
street photography = fine art?
combat/documentary photography = fine art?

... i spoke with one of the managers at the only local pro-shop in my area.
i asked what kind of photographs he took, he said " fine art " and then described how he projected slides of violence onto serene landscapes.

i guess that explains what "fine art photography" is ...
I feel that 'fine art' photographs are more emotionally tied to the artist. I break it down to snapshots, stock type photos, fine art photos -fine art being the ones that dig deep on many levels..