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Chemistry is another cost factor which makes ilfochrome look attractive, have been doing chromes using Xtol or R09 + C41 as a colour developer and colour negs too, but the chemistry is $180 for 5 litres (C41 dev, bleach, fix), B&W is cheap though hence ilfochrome = looking good.
I was intending to try making some chromes by developing in Rodinal/ID11, exposing, then redeveloping in C-41, and I saw your post (above). Do you have any tips for doing this, exposure recommendations, rodinal times etc.?
I was also planning on trying some E4/C22 dev in low temp C41 chems (I've just bought my first C41 kit from Silverprint and am raring to try all the odd development things I've theorised about over about the last year...) Anybody got any tips on that too?