Adam at SK Grimes is currently starting on a special lens for me. I have had 9 Fuji 300mm lenses in barrels that were some kind of lens for making separations, or so I was told. I sent one of them to Adam and he is putting it in a Copal #3. I tried one out in a universal lens holder and put it on my 12x20 Lotus before I gave him the go-ahead. It looked like she would cover wide open. I'll know in about 6-8 weeks. If it covers and has fairly even light coverage I will probably have some made up for anyone interested in a nice wide angle 300mm lens for 12x20. I will keep all informed about the progress. If one does not want a shutter I will consider selling some of them as is in barrel. They all have front and back lens caps and are all mint. These Fuji lenses are not marked with any identification except for a sticker with the Fuji name and part of a bar code. Other than that I am clueless but will be thrilled if it works when Grimes is finished...................TW