There have been some rental rooms like this in austin, but really dont last. The problem stems from the time issue-- a lot of people are initially interested and may even pay into it, but by the end of the first year or so the numbers of people still interested and paying has dwindled to the point of not paying for the space.

I went whole hog and built my own space in my garage-- uncooled and unusable for 6 months of the year, but 100 percent mine. Would I consider renting it? no-- mainly because it's just fine for me, but would be embarrassing to show the wall studs, the inch of dust, etc. My entire space cost maybe 100 bucks to build including space for three enlargers, a sink 8ft x 2 ft made of wood, and places to dry film and prints. I think anyone with a bit of imagination and handiness with a saw and hammer can build a fine space and perhaps much better than mine.