These threads are great to get ideas from, and even better when you're just starting to put your darkroom together. I printed photos like this off about a year ago while I was coming up with my design.

My darkroom is located in the furnace room I guess. The stairs are just behind the sink, and the furnace is on the opposite side of the stairs. I have to walk around the end, ducking under the duct work, to get to the dry area. My enlarger is mounted to an old bank of drawers, which is bolted to the concrete wall on the left. The top is a chunk of old preformed plastic laminate countertop that just barely doesn't tough the stair wall for fear of vibration.

The drawers contain paper, negative carriers, easels etc. My chemicals are mostly contained above the sink on the shelves, but I also have some under the sink. I've modified the plastic shelves in the Smalllogbk.jpg photo since this was taken. My log book is on the third shelf up, but I've now added two drying screens just below this shelf. I've also added a towel to the very bottom shelf for drying space.

My sink is made of plywood, out of a book I read. It was an old book, but very helpful. Can't think of the name right now, but someone will help me with that. I think it was "Building Your Home Darkroom" or something. I had to narrow it up due to the tight space I have. I added a wood leaning rail so my wrists don't get sore when agitating the trays.

I've also modified my enlarger baseboard since these photos. My 11x14 easel wouldn't fit here, so I bolted on a 3/4" piece of plywood to make it larger. My next trick will be to flip the whole thing around and enlarge down onto the floor or something lower. When making some 8x10's from 4x5 neg's I often have the enlarger up so high it hits the ductwork above. I have a feeling that when I get to doing anything larger than 11x14 I'll probalby try out Lloyd's one tray method, as my sink is just too small for all the various trays needed for fiber.

I painted the walls white to keep it as bright as possible, and I've simply added black near the enlarger etc. to take care of stray light etc. I don't have any special exhaust, mainly becuase this is the furnace room and there is a return air grille in the room. This space is also open to the crawl space slightly, so there is a fairly good volume of air to gather from. I do have to print in my skivvies in the winter (the furnace is on and it's about 73 degrees F) but it's wonderful in the summer (when the a/c is on it's about 68 degrees).

I just got a print dryer, so it will probalby go on the shelf out in the dry area.