Digital TV rant warning:

Not all TVs are digital; I'm still using an old 27" Sony analog CRT set, with a DTV converter box. I detest 16:9 screens, especially considering, after we've supposedly passed the cutoff date for NTSC broadcast, most program material is still originated in 4:3, even many live sporting events that should be broadcasting 16:9. Only prime-time material is originated in 16:9; and your local news broadcast is almost certainly still 4:3, as are most all commercials that originate locally. The result, when viewing 4:3 material on 16:9 screens, are fat-heads, where the images are stretched out horizontally to fit the full width of the high-dollar screen.

I'd prefer, when "upgrading" my old TV set, to get a large flat panel display in 4:3 aspect ratio, that way I can watch the majority of program material in its original aspect ratio using the full area of the screen, and still enjoy the full width of a 16:9 DVD program. But, alas, 4:3 flat panel screens can only found in sizes under 20" wide. All you people who plunked down your hard earned cash for 16:9 flat panel displays were cheated; they cut off the top and bottom of your picture, so you're forced to watch the fat-heads.

End of rant.

But still, taking analog photographs of TV screens, digital or otherwise, is a neat idea, considering how much of our lives the TV occupies, it should be included in central prominence in any kind of documentary of domestic western culture.


PS: I was just kidding about the 16:9 TV thing. Y'all can go back to watching your stories.