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Hello, I also have a 12x20 camera and I am also looking for a wide angle lens. Now, my larger lens is a 17'', so it is about 60 wide but I am looking for a much wider lens. I wonder if a 210 SSXL really cover the 12x20 size, I mean if we focus far away and not on the near plan ??? Sorry if my english is bad...
I am looking for a computar 305 for several months, so, I have sent a PM to TW to have more informations about this fuji lens and please M sandy king, if you sell your 305 computar... believe me you don't have to waste time to look for a buyer...

Thank you, Thierry Moenne-Loccoz.
Hi Thierry,

First, the 210 SSXL will indeed cover 12X20. Not only will it cover, but you will have an inch or two of movements. But it is a very large lens, and you must use it with the center filter.

If you are interested in my 270mm Computar or 305mm Computar please contact me by pm. You can even write in French if you like as I used to speak French fluently and can still read it well. I believe you are French, no?