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Having a background in bricks and mortar retail and catalogue at one time long ago, have you thought how this Co-op will work, will it be strictly online? Will it have a storefront? If you are going strictly online have you thought out how you will store all the film, paper and chemicals, taken into account supply chain (pick and pack as well as shipping). At some point very quick it will outgrow your house and the Co-op could need a third party warehouse/pick and pack facility. All this will be costs that will have to be factored in.
photowarehouse in oxnard california
is already a bricks/mortar/retail business. they already
have a shipping/packing department ...
they are set up already with a jig to cut film to any size asked for
and have been buying film and paper in bulk for schools and other institutions
for years. they sell BULK 35mm + 120 rolls too.
people who were shooting ULF + large format ( as well as 2x3 / 3x4 )
remember they sold "made in england" film and had HUGE deals / great prices.

they might be a perfect partner to do this sort of thing, and may have
a keen interest since they already did it in days gone by ...