Joe, you indicated that your exposures were onto B&W paper, right? Do you recall exposure times?

My post was speaking to color paper, from probably a 1990s time frame. The yellow and magenta filtration I alluded to will essentially allow red light to come through unrestricted, but cut down the green and blue by factors of ROUGHLY 30 to 100 times. Thus, overall exposure has to increase by the same factor. So, IF my fuzzy memory is halfway close, and IF today's paper has similar characteristics, exposure times for a pinhole may be unreasonable. That is, possibly 5 or 10 hours for COLOR PAPER, using pinhole, when color balanced to a CRT. Remember, also, this is not just a single exposure and it's done; this is the exposure needed for every test strip while color balancing.

Clearly, I think some sensible f-number (f/2.8 to f/5.6 or so) is needed if one desires to use color paper, for a color corrected CRT image.