Good Afternoon Mike,

Yes, the water temps down here surprised me. I actually went out and bought a new thermometer because I thought mine had gone T/U! Fortunately one of my other hobbies is playing around with lasers so I have several good chillers that should take care of that problem. I'm actually in the process of modifying the Jobo to mate up with one of my small chillers (a little bigger than a shoe box). This unit will actually do heat and cooling both so my plan is to set it up with the Jobo and allow it to do 100% of the temperature control for the Jobo. It should react more quickly and much more accurately than the stock Jobo heater and cold water inlet solenoid.

As for formats... I picked up a pretty extensive Jobo system that will handle anything from 35mm up to and including 8x10 film. Larger than that could always be done in trays in the sink (I don't currently have any ULF trays, but would certainly consider picking up a set if it meant bringing in another renter or two). I'm still collecting equipment, but do have an 8x10 enlarger already so we're covered up through 8x10.