Since we have been gathering in the same area of northeast Ohio periodically for the last year, I decided that it would be nice to put together a web page of resources for those of us who are returning often and that would also be useful to people joining us for the first time. I made up a google map for one of our earlier gatherings, and decided that it would continue to be useful and should be available from within each thread about an upcoming gathering.

With that in mind, I've put together a webpage that is minimal, but hopefully useful for everyone involved. It's still a work in progress, but already has links to maps of the places we've photographed, restaurants we've eaten in, museums with photography, and lodging.

The maps on the site are currently all google maps. They are embedded in the website, but are zoomable, panable, searchable, and interactive in their embedded form. If you click on the 'larger map' link below each map, you will go to a full google map page of the area, with all the features of a google map. You can print out any of these maps from the google page, and switch the map among street maps, satellite photo maps, and shaded contour types. There is also a little person at the top of the zoom control on google maps. If you drag this person to a street location that has been surveyed by google, you can get an interactive view of the location taken from a VW Beetle rooftop as it traveled through the area. This is great for location a specific business or intersection, and knowing in advance what it will look like from the ground.

The maps also have icons on them, and the 'summary map' has loads of them. I've tried to sort them out with reasonable icons, which you can click on for information, including an option to produce directions to the location from wherever you want. If the icons are too crowded in one area, you can zoom in.

I also have links to other maps in online form and in downloadable .pdf format from state and national park services. These can be downloaded and printed out by you.

Currently there are pages for maps, web resources, and weather. I am thinking about an accommodations page, but could use some input for that from some of the regulars in the form of brief "reviews", as I haven't stayed at any of the hotels or lodges around.

There is a map on the web resources page that's an already initiated google map search for restaurants. The results change as you zoom in/out and pan around, and you can click on the icons for information, including ratings (just as reliable as the "favorite 50mm lens ratings" threads on APUG or, address, phone, etc.

Please PM me if you have suggestions or questions. I'll maintain this as I have time and get input from others, or bright/stupid ideas of my own. BTW, I won't put people's addresses on the map, as this is open to anyone for viewing. If you want directions to residences, request that separately from the person via PM.


Oh, you want the URL? OK.