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I have dozens of 2, 3, and 4 inch Wrattens I want to SELL because I'm going strictly color neg for which I don't use filters. All are in good condition (no damage what-so-ever) and many still factory sealed. A few of these are rare. I'll probably keep a couple of ND's but that's all I'll really need. I also have many Kodak 4x4 frames and at least one of the 4x4 frame holders complete with Series 9 retaining ring.
what do you have? i might be interested in some 3 inchers if you have what i'm looking for. i'm mostly looking for 80a/b/c/d and 81a/b/c/d in addition to f-d(flourescent--> daylight). all in 3x3(75x75)

it might be a bit before i could get them from you though (kinda out in the money dept right now, with class registration just over )

please PM me with what you have available though.

I've been finding that even though I've been shooting color negative films mostly, personally I have found it better for my workflow to gel the lens before I take the picture.

please let me know as to what you have available though.

are they all kodak wrattens? or lees?