Hi everyone,

I've just started developing 120mm roll film C41 negatives. I'm using the Jessops Photochem C41 Process Kit which consists of a two bath procedure - developer and blix. (I chose the Jessops kit because it was an easier solution and cheaper...could this explain my problem? In this case what other "kits" or chemicals should i consider - for general C41 processing?)

I've read elsewhere that blixes are not the best because they can leave a silver residue/grain on the film, but for me that isn't a major concern at the moment.

I read and followed the instructions to the letter, (I'm also using a daylight tank) and using the correct temps/altering times according to instructions where necessary. The only problem is that my negatives come out very dark - you can only see the image if you hold them up to a very bright light.

I know that the pictures have been exposed correctly and its simply a problem with my processing of them. I also don't think there were any light leaks due to the fact that I transferred the film into the daylight tight tank in a dark room with no windows/light in it.

Reading a previous thread kind of explained the differences between overexposed and overdeveloped. When holding up to the light the detail is very good - at least it is what i want, i'm just worried that if i take them to a printers i'll be wasting money.

Also what advantages does a stop bath have over the techniques using heated water (suggested in the instructions of the kit that i use)?

Is it likely that there is somthing wrong in my process? Should I try developing for longer or shorter? (I followed the instructions for this and the temps/times i used so far have been good, i.e. 38 degrees C/3mins 15 secs altering times accordingly) or using more/less developer? (1 developer, 2 water as per instructions).

If anybody has any suggestions I'd appreciate them!