Damm Thomas
are all you folks from the mid west so hard to please..

Ok Dust control
rewash negative
warm water cotton gloves , to get rid of surface grit on negative
photoflow and dry.
Lots of humidity in your darkroom
Varn glass cleaner or above to clean glass
all sides
wipe down all surfaces in darkroom
Antistatic cloth slightly both surfaces of negative
Canned air, not compressed air from hoses with copper or no moister reducer unit.
Use a 10x loupe to look at negative
reclean if you see dust .
Get over it and do it.


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According to Bob's instruction, I masked off my 4x5 neg carrier yesterday and did some printing.
I have to say that I was astounded by the difference in sharpness compared to the glassless carrier. Grain was MUCH more apparent, but looked very nice. The problem now is all the dust that is also visible. I never thought I'd have to spot my prints as much as is now evident. It makes me wonder if the extra sharpness is worth it, as I never really felt I was lacking sharpness prior to this...

Thanks for the advice everyone.

- Thomas