Most of my information is from old German books - 1900 to 1910 or thereabouts. I came across one (Photographisches Hifsbuch für ernste Arbeit; Hans Schmidt, Berlin 1910) in a lokal bookstore, and realised there was a lot of information still valid in it.

Any errors in my "synopsis" are due to the effect of translating from one foreign language (German) into another (English) through a leaky memory (Norwegian).

As to "bokeh", I've just started a mini-test on this. I realised I had a 120mm Angulon, 135mm Planar, 150mm Apo-Lanthar, 150mm Symmar, and a 150mm Heliar - all "vintage" lenses. With four different lenses with such close focal lengths, I just have to test it...

Developed the first test today, the Heliar. Did this one alone since it's on a Voightländer 9x12cm plate camera from 1934, and I didn't want to remove the lens.

Rest to follow when I get time - and decent weather.