Never knew Sweden was in the Midwest...

Yeah, I should stop bitchin and get on with it. You're right in a way. It was more of a reflection than anything...

I appreciate the advice. Regarding dusty negs, for some reason the negatives I have processed with Xtol don't have much dust on them, if any. They are squeaky clean. One or two spots in a 10" square print to spot, and that's it. Negs processed with Rodinal or HC-110 (don't use those anymore) have little armies of dust attached to them. It's very strange...


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Damm Thomas
are all you folks from the mid west so hard to please..

Ok Dust control
rewash negative
warm water cotton gloves , to get rid of surface grit on negative
photoflow and dry.
Lots of humidity in your darkroom
Varn glass cleaner or above to clean glass
all sides
wipe down all surfaces in darkroom
Antistatic cloth slightly both surfaces of negative
Canned air, not compressed air from hoses with copper or no moister reducer unit.
Use a 10x loupe to look at negative
reclean if you see dust .
Get over it and do it.