After my holiday I found a lot of postcards on my doormat, and in the past few weeks a received some more as well. It's been busy these last weeks so thats why I'am just responding right now.

The cards that I received are from:
Rob Skeoch: market picture in China, real nice shot, fine print as well just hthe way we a;; want to make them.
Mark Rewald: Nice portrait of little angel,worn through time.
Lilian Sly: totaly symmetrical shiny oldtimer, I could have taken a picture likewise. Btw thanks for your comments on the picture I send.
Alex Bishop-Thorpe: a real fantasy picture of running child. Like it very much.
Ruediger Stobbe: pinhole of Schloss Bruchsall, I should try pinhole in the future.
Greg Dejanovic: just a simple house captured in such nice shot.
Katherine Whitmore: just showing how to make a nice composition of a laundromat. I would have past by seeing nothing in it.
Sam Sharp: wonderfull action capture with a nice centre sharpness.
Chrispin Summers: the first color shot of a harbor scene that captures my eye for long time.
Mick Fagan: very nice portrait of his niece. She keeps you focussed. Btw my picture was taken early march so at the end of our winter season as you have noticed.
ROger Bulcock: fog scene of harbour, boats and bird make you look in the far distance inside the photo, very nice.
Jake Williams: I like this picture because of subject, composition and print.

Well folks thats it so far, looking forward receiving my last 8 postcards.