Well I had every intention of sending out my cards well before the deadline, and had actually printed them some time ago. The problem was that I just wasn't happy with the print, the subject yes, but not one of my best negs and certainly not my best jobs in the darkroom.

So last Sunday I went back, this time with my 4x5 and re-shot the subject, which was sitting right were I had left it. Light was great, talked to some nice people who wanted to know why I wasn't photographing the pretty beach and got the shot. Then went straight to the darkroom and processed the film. Printed the next day and tonight I just finished toning the prints.

So things are looking up, 62 post cards sitting on drying screens. Who knows at this rate they will post by the weekend. I would also like to thank everyone for their patience and for all the great cards I have received. So nice to be excited about checking the mail box.