Hello All

So Iím relatively new to the wonderful wide world of Leica mount rangefinders and I swear itís like being a kid in the candy store again. There are just soooo many goodies out there on the used market and though Iím not the kind of photographer that just hoards all sorts of lenses and finders, itís still fun to shop around and browse on KEH and Ebay and such, especially when Iím hiding in my cubicle and avoiding work. 

My questions is, does anyone know of any good websites that give a breakdown or explain the difference between all the Leica M and Screwmount lenses? Whenever Iím looking around I see names like Noctilux, Summilux, Summarit, Summicron, Elmar, etc. etc, some made in Canada, some made in Germany, all with huge variations in price. Itís rather mind boggling. When you add in all the other brands that make Screwmount and M mount lenses it gets even worse! Hahaha.

Anyway, if anyone has a recommendation for me I would really appreciate it.