Cher APUG francais,

I am sorry but I cannot write French, but I would like to have your attention please.

Last Friday my black photo bag (Lowe Nova 2) was stolen in Cahors from a room in L'Auberge de Jeunesse 222 Rue Murat, with my 2 cameras:

A Black Bronica RF645 body: serial number: 99907080, lens 65mm/f4.5; 1160177
(loaded with HP5+ 120 film)

A silver Olympus OM2, I do not know the serial number, but is has the standard 50mm lens, and a red filter mounted (it contains a almost full roll of Kodak Infrared film..)

Should you see one of these cameras somewhere could you please contact me or the police of Cahors, I have filed a Compte Rendu D'Infraction Intial (well my wife (Dieuwke Sytsma) did because her papers were also stolen).

Thank you for your time and attention,


Cor Breukel